About Us

Being at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, Deepika Online GmbH has established itself as the innovative market leader. With strong relationships with tier one mobile operator and German telecommunication companies, helping us to provide extraordinary quality and service. With an unmatched portfolio of telecommunications services, Deepika Online GmbH is continuing its legacy of leadership and innovation for many years now. We have earned the reputation for providing high quality service to our customers and their needs. Our commitment to superior service is one of the highest priorities.

Here are some other reasons why you should chose Deepika Online GmbH:

  •  Competitive Rates.
  •  You get discounted voucher rates, we claim to be cheapest in German market.
  •  Use of Deepika Online GmbH POS, you will have peace of mind! Convenience.
  •  Printable vouchers are as easy to use as cash cards, but more convenient than an old fashioned printed vouchers. Simple as 1, 2, 3! Just 1) use instructions written on voucher, 2) enter your PIN, and 3) Done.
  •  Accessibility. Our phone card service is easily accessed from virtually any touch-tone private telephone in the Germany.
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